Genocide Prevention Initiative

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Genocide Prevention Initiative” (GPI) is a University of Oregon community initiative, and is one of the four signature programs sponsored by the Savage Endowment.

The GPI examines personal and political responses to mass atrocities from the perspective of numerous disciplines. It has been spearheaded by the University of Oregon School of Law’s Appropriate Dispute Resolution Center, in partnership with the Global Justice Program and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.


The goal of the project is to formulate strategies that will motivate students, citizens, and governments to become more responsive to issues related to the prevention of genocide and politicide.  It aims to bridge scholarship and advocacy, while raising awareness, engaging the campus community, and encouraging action.  The initiative is inspired by the work of Dr. Paul Slovic, UO Professor of Psychology and internationally renowned scholar in the areas of decision research, psychic numbing, and apathy to genocide.

Dr. Paul Slovic

Through a generous commitment from the Savage Endowment, the initiative  provides up to $20,000 annually to support eligible programs proposed by UO faculty, staff and students.

Applications were reviewed and considered by an interdisciplinary, cross-campus steering committee composed of faculty, administrators, and students.

The Carlton Raymond and Wilberta Ripley Savage Endowment for International Relations and Peace will also continue to sponsor the initiative by donating $20,000 annually to support eligible programs proposed by UO faculty, staff and students.  Preliminary proposals for 2015-16 programs/projects should be received by 5pm November 3, 2014.  Stay tuned for more information about proposal guidelines and applications that will be posted closer to the due date.

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