The Vision

Carlton Savage’s Vision

Through his decades of work in the Department of State, Carlton Savage developed his strong belief that “war is the most terrible of all calamities.” He devoted his life to world peace and the promotion of human rights, and he hoped for the abolition of war as an instrument of policy. Savage also had a special interest in the Pacific Basin and its critical role in an era of peaceful, cooperative international relations. He viewed the protection of human rights and the strengthening of international organizations as central to the cause of world peace and harmony.

Carlton Savage intended the Endowment to “inspire” students to make their own contribution to the development of reasonableness as a substitute for violence and hate in personal, national and international affairs. To achieve this goal, he hoped that we would bring outstanding people to campus in order to teach the campus community how to use reason as a substitute for violence and hate.

Here is a downloadable PDF of the Memorandum of Understanding outlining the purpose and intention of the gift as well as the process they went through to create the Savage Endowment.


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