CGO to Host Technology and Human Rights Workshop

The Carnegie Global Oregon Learning Community (The CGO) is organizing an exciting workshop to take place in Fall, 2014, which is one of five grants currently sponsored by the Genocide Prevention Initiative (GPI).  This workshop is entitled Genocide and Mass Atrocities Prevention (GMAP), and it will focus on the use of technology in preventing genocide and mass atrocities.

This workshop will engage distinguished leaders in the field of technology and conflict prevention in a discussion about how tools such as GIS mapping systems and crowdsourcing applications can contribute to global responses to conflict and crisis, and more specifically how these systems could potentially be used to lessen the effects of, or even prevent, genocide. Some specific points this workshop plans to address include:

*The role of technology in preventing genocide through increasing social awareness of conditions that lead to genocide

*The potential dangers inherent in the use of technology and how we might ameliorate these effects

*The role and/or usefulness of technology in assisting in humanitarian aid and state intervention once genocide has occurred as well as in increasing political awareness at the state level to inform and influence political action

*Specific ways in which to develop the best technology to meet the needs of the above issues

This workshop will be the first step in a series of larger aspirations to conceive of, design, and distribute new technological tools within and beyond the University of Oregon, thus uniting students, staff, and faculty from around the globe in the goal of preventing genocide.

For more information, or if you would like to be involved with this workshop, please contact Christine Mathew at