Mediating the Conflict Between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland

2008 – 2009: “Mediating the Conflict Between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland,” Dr. Shaul Cohen, Department of Geography

This program will develop opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to examine the conflict between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, a relatively rare case of a seemingly intractable conflict that has moved from violence to productive political dialogue. Four mediators who have been deeply involved in the conflicts in Northern Ireland will visit the UO to share their experiences and insights. In addition to public presentations and a faculty seminar, this program will also initiate two new courses within the CRES program and the Clark Honors College and will create a faculty-led study abroad program and internships in Northern Ireland. Learning about the negotiations and mediations that have been successful in Northern Ireland through this diverse, ongoing programming will provide conceptual and practical insight for both students and faculty.